Pointdollars is a website that has a few ways to earn and if you are looking for some quick cash to your PayPal account their website supports a $1.00 minimum for an instant PayPal cashout. This is definitely a website to consider getting into your routines this year!

Pros of pointdollars:

1 – Paying : see proof below
2- An Established Site: Online and paying since February 2006. A great achievement for any site.
3 –
Low Minimum & Fixed Cashout: This site minimum cashout is currently at $1, Which should be a easy target to reach and cashout with. NOW HAS INSATNT PAYOUT!  Also Amazon Gift Card (USD)
4 – All Countries Accepted: There are no restrictions and all can join and earn from this site. However many countries will find it hard to earn with this site.
5 – Unlimited Direct Referrals:  There are no limits on how many referrals you can have. Great for promoters and those who can refer a lot of people.
6 – Many offer walls: Not only do they provide regular site offers, they also have all the major offer walls, Which gives everyone an opportunity to earn on this site.

Cons of pointdollars:

1- Information required.
2 – Who is private: You may notice the site registration is set to private. If this site was not paying and asking for upgrades I would say be cautious, but with this site you can easily find info about the owner on their site and elsewhere.
2- No Forums:  They did have one but they removed. it. For whatever the reason is, whether lack of staffing, time to manage one, or spam…
Forums are a excellent tool for every PTC/GPT site to have. Members can post proofs
and have a open line of communication between staff and other members. 

Payment proof:


We will continue to monitor this site. If anyone would like to share their experience that they had with this site, whether it is good or bad, feel free to comment below this post.

Point Dollars Link: https://www.pointdollars.com